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Anzac Cookies  -  Handmade

Anzac Cookies - Handmade

It is an interesting cookie the name "ANZAC" stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps, and these cookies are closely associated with the ANZAC soldiers who served during World War I.

These biscuits were valued for their long shelf life, as they didn't spoil easily and could withstand the long journey to reach the soldiers. Without any special preservatives

The key ingredients in ANZAC biscuits include rolled oats, sugar, flour, desiccated coconut, butter, golden syrup, baking soda, and boiling water. The combination of these ingredients results in a hearty and durable cookie with amazing notes. Mom’s Cheese Cakes proud to present these cookies to Chennai

Mom’s Cheese Cake produce only chemical free cookies

NO Ammonia
NO Calcium propionate
NO Propylene Glycol PPG.
NO Sodium Metabisulfite.
NO Sodium Benzoate.
NO Oxygen Absorber.
NO Sodium Citrate.
NO Chemical Preservatives.


    1000 Grams
    Excluding Taxes
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